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Born July 19, 1952, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was raised in a Christian home. I accepted JESUS into my life when I was 18 at Lincoln Lake Camp, outside Gowen, Michigan. Joan and I were married in 1972, and have three children and six grandchildren. I began singing in the choir in 1975, at Alaska Baptist Church in Caledonia, Michigan. I believe there was a conspiracy between the director, Betty Schriemer, my wife, and several other members of the church to get me to sing in the choir. It worked; I was further persuaded to sing a solo, singing one verse of the hymn, “Wounded For Me.” The rest, as they say, is history; I began singing many solos in cantatas and special music in my church. Throughout my singing career I have sung in countless churches, wedding, funerals, and special celebrations, and have been blessed to travel to several different states to sing as well. I participated in a men’s quartet for several years which led to a great opportunity to travel to England and Scotland to help spread the gospel. I give glory to God for this great gift of singing, and feel very blessed to share His word with countless people through song.

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